As a cisgender person (I identify with the gender I was assigned at birth), I did not always include my pronouns (she/her) in my LinkedIn profile or email signature. I thought that sharing my pronouns might appear as phony or fraud to the LGBTQIA+ community, but I could not have been more wrong.

Per the 2018 article, Why I Put Pronouns on my Email Signature (and LinkedIn profile) and You Should Too by Max Masure (they/them): For a cisgender person there is little to no risk in sharing your pronouns…For a person who is transgender or nonbinary, sharing pronouns can be a bit riskier…That’s why we ask cisgender people to lead the change by sharing pronouns. It normalizes the process, has little risk, and actually makes for a safer environment for everyone.

For those like me who are working to become stronger allies, I encourage you to add your pronouns to your LinkedIn and email signature in honor of #PrideMonth. It may feel like a small action, but at scale can prompt a big impact for a more inclusive working environment and world.

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Author: Emily Carbonara

Emily is a Senior Project Manager at Tuck Consulting Group (TCG). She is passionate about using innovative technology and data insights for social impact and health improvement, and thrives when building relationships and leveraging the human connection to navigate complex problems and drive projects.