Workcation in a Remote World In March of 2020, much of the working world had a […]
Welcome to the Team Our Newest Addition, Corey Ellis, hails from the Cape Canaveral, Florida region. […]
Welcome to the Team A warm welcome to Machaela Wiggin, our new Operations Specialist at TCG! […]
As a founder or executive with a software engineering team, you may be thinking about your […]
Meet Taylor: Our Newest Addition TCG is excited to welcome Taylor Santana, Senior Project Manager, to […]
Meet Naomi: Our Newest Addition Naomi Hahr hails from Vermont, where she most recently led IT strategy […]
Meet Tori: Our Newest Addition Tori Shaffrey joins Tuck Consulting Group from thoughtbot, a product design […]
Meet Miranda: Our Newest Addition Miranda Anzures is a collaborative product leader with a background in […]
TCG consultants enable their clients to execute projects on time and on budget. Our project management […]
Sam Walker, Chief Innovation Officer for Alima Technologies posted on LinkedIn about the “need to have […]

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