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Introducing Alima Technologies

Back in February, I got a message from Eugene about a “personal item” he wanted to discuss. At the time, Eugene was the VP of Sales at one of my Silicon Valley clients. He was the reason I was there. He recruited me a year earlier to run a complex data migration for a Fortune 600 tech firm.

After a few months of working together and a few long conversations over great meals, he quickly recognized the passion that I had in building out my Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) offering through TCG. (Side note: Eugene and I both share an obsession over great, diverse food, likely due to both of us being spoiled by amazing Southeast Asian cuisine from our mothers.) He appreciated my passion so much that he decided to outsource his entire project management office to TCG.

Some organizational changes at the company resulted in Eugene’s decision to move forward with the “personal item” that he wanted to discuss with me in February. Eugene started Alima Technologies, a customer-centric software and services company the helps its clients fall in love with their CRMs. He reached out, because he wanted me to be his number three and run his services organization.

Eugene has the kind of emotional intelligence that you can only dream of in a leader. In virtually the same breath as he offered me the role, he continued by saying “I know that you have your own hopes and dreams with your company as well, and I want to respect that.” He continued stating that he wanted me on the executive team in a strategic role and it would be fractional. TCG would source the PMs for all of the engagements, and I would serve as the fractional VP of Customer Success.

Having me serve in this capacity is ideal for both TCG and Alima, because we are building the services organization EXACTLY the way it should be created based on the lessons learned from all of our engagements, and we have the ability to pivot the second that we recognize potential for better results. We have found that the clients that grant us this trust, empowerment, and budget, are by far the most successful.

On top of everything above, Alima does not have to carry the overhead of full-time staff to support its project management needs. Since projects are temporary, and demand can surge or retract in a good or bad sales quarter, relying on us for its PM needs can get Alima high quality consultants with a week’s notice, and they can save tens of thousands of unutilized staff dollars and even more in soft dollar costs associated with onboarding and training.

Please check out Alima’s website to learn more about our Dynamics 365 CRM service offerings, and if your sales or service team needs support falling in love with your CRM, don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

Alex Tuck is the Managing Principal for TCG. He is responsible for the overall service delivery of the organization. Alex is a Project Management Professional with 15+ years of experience delivering projects and consulting on project management best practices. If you would like to learn more about how TCG can help your organization meet its project management needs, you may reach out to Alex at alex@tuckconsultinggroup.com or 802-372-1377.

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