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Nonprofits have the unique challenge of trying to solve complex challenges with limited resources. The Tuck Consulting Group team of project managers and product managers have expertise delivering services to nonprofits at a fraction of the cost of other management consulting firms through our pro bono and discounted services.

Nonprofit Services

What You Gain

Why Choose Tuck?

With Tuck as your project management partner, you can focus on furthering your mission when you:

Can’t afford full-time staff for project management

Have a complex IT project where you need expertise

Need an agile consultant

Want an outside expert to manage your vendors

Are searching for a project management tool

ClickUp Consulting for Nonprofits

Our ClickUp verified consultants are familiar with the nonprofit challenge of delivering complex initiatives with limited resources. As your project management partner, we’re here to help further your mission.

ClickUp implementations

ClickUp workflow optimizations

ClickUp managed services

Saving time and saving money

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