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Tuck’s Net Positive Impact

“For their own good, companies must play an active role in solving our biggest shared challenges. The economy won’t thrive unless people and the planet are thriving.”

– Paul Polman & Andrew Winston in The Net Positive Manifesto

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At Tuck, values matter. Whether you’re an employee, vendor, partner, or client, we have to see values alignment to be able to achieve great things together.

Our #1 rule is that everyone is striving to have a net positive impact. We aren’t talking idealism. We are talking about treating team members well, operating with integrity, and always acknowledging that there are others out there that are expert at something different than us.

This page is dedicated to describing the ways that we are striving to have a net positive impact on the people and communities around us.

At Tuck, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are woven into the fabric of our firm. As project managers, our value lies in our ability to bring together diverse teams with unique skill sets to achieve a common goal.

That value goes beyond helping a developer understand a designer’s vision or translating a CFO’s love of spreadsheets into a blueprint for how a systems analyst designs an ERP.

We bring the kind of talent that values geographic, physical, social, neurological, economic, and experiential diversity on every team, whether they have a Tuck email address or if they work for a client, vendor, or partner.

What does DEIB mean to us?


The background and experiences contributing to each person’s uniqueness.

Including, but not limited to: Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Age,
Religion, Socioeconomic Status, Ability, Hairstyle, Religion, Political Affiliations/Beliefs.


Creating an environment that accommodates individual interests, uniqueness, and opportunities while removing barriers to success.





Valuing each team member’s ideas and inviting their perspectives, encouraging inclusivity, building trust, and creating an environment of psychological safety.


Welcoming various perspectives, holding the door open for those who haven’t been invited before, creating space for people to be their authentic selves, meeting them where they are, and proactively supporting them, including through mentorship.

How Do We Measure Impact?


We measure the diversity of our consultants by comparing the percentage and pay of consultants from different demographic groups.


We measure the diversity of our partner pool by comparing the percentage and pay of partners from different demographic groups.


We prioritize talent platforms that yield a more diverse pool of candidates and leverage messaging in job descriptions to signal more diverse applicants. 


We say what we mean. This page is intended to eliminate ambiguity and signal to our consultants, partners, clients, and companies that we value DEIB.

At Tuck, we prioritize working with companies, clients, partners, and consultants who align with our values and share our vision of making this world a better place.

Servant Leadership

We exist to help others succeed – clients furthering their missions, professionals seeking meaningful work, and communities becoming stronger.



We hire honest, transparent, and dependable team members, and we look for clients and vendors that do the same.



We are a team of life-long learners with a desire to gain new knowledge from others, especially those with different ideas, beliefs, and life experiences.


Tuck at Work

Amplifying the Impact

We are committed to making nonprofits and social enterprises 75% of our client base by 2028.

In addition to delivering paid services to nonprofits and social enterprises, Tuck also delivers pro bono services to qualified nonprofits with fiscal need. Below is the pro bono program’s mission and vision:

Program Mission

To amplify the social impact of nonprofits through experienced project management and operations professional services

Program Vision

To help 100 nonprofits increase their positive impact by 2027

We Keep Good Company.

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