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Whether you need an entire outsourced Project Management Office or just a single project manager, Tuck Consulting Group has the team of IT project managers with expertise delivering complex IT projects for IT Professional Services firms.

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When you partner with Tuck Consulting Group, you side-step inefficiencies and:

Scale teams efficiently

Get redundancy without duplication

Focus on core strengths

Avoid the hassle of hiring

Streamline your bottom line

Get an extensive professional network


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Green Project Management: 5 Tips to Eliminate Waste

Green Project Management: 5 Tips to Eliminate Waste

Tuck is a consulting firm focused on project management; of course we’re going to apply project management principles to address this problem – specifically, lean project management. Lean project management originated from the Toyota Production System, a concept developed at the carmaker between 1948 and 1975 to maximize value while minimizing waste (of effort, materials, money, and time).

For Tuck consultants and clients, waste comes in the form of misallocated effort and time. The way we check our email, manage documents, and even how we run our workstations have an impact on the environment.

Here are five strategies for minimizing such waste.

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