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Client Stories

What does it really mean to scale faster, for less? Read our collection of project management consulting case studies and get a full picture on how Tuck’s industry savvy project managers successfully deliver hundreds of projects for growing businesses like yours.

Saved Over Three Years


“Tuck provides professional candidates and their management team provides a safety net when PMs are unexpectedly unavailable or indisposed. We’ve come to rely on Tuck to be there for us when we need them to handle variable project management workloads that ebb and flow according to client needs and the economy.”

From Concept to Delivery


“Tuck Consulting Group helped us deliver all of our projects on time and were very responsive to our strategy and our needs…They’re a great company with great people.”




Provider satisfaction rate

M2 Orthopedics

Wanted to thank you for your continued vigilance with ModMed. I feel like we’re finally gaining some real traction and people are responding to our deadlines.



Growth in Race Attendance Post-Covid Using ClickUp

People Helping People Global

“It’s so great to finally be organized for the Brain Freezer 5K. Things are running like clockwork, and we have so much more time to focus on getting racers, donors, and sponsors!”

Time Saving Automations

Oil Change International

Oil Change International (OCI) is a research, communications, and advocacy nonprofit with international teams working to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy.

In Grants Managed Through. ClickUp

The Partnership Project

“My experience with Berlynsea and the ClickUp build-out was fantastic. Berlynsea managed to capture everything I was looking for and more. The system functions exactly how I need it to and the entire team is excited about the grants management system we now have.”

Automations Designed & Developed

United Way of Greater Knoxville

Martin asked wonderful questions throughout the process that helped everyone involved consider gaps and possible paths forward. This thorough review on the front end clarified everything before taking it to the leadership team, so it was easy to explain why each of the steps were outlined in a specific way.”


Programs Launched & Managed in ClickUp

Futuro Health

“It’s been a pleasure working with Tuck. I’m impressed with the continued feature releases from ClickUp and look forward to incorporating more of them in the future to help Futuro Health save time and streamline our workflows.”