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Central Communications for Remote Teams

Using ClickUp as a single source-of-truth shows your team what's important right now, wherever they live/work

Multiple collaboration options with ClickUp Docs, comment fields, and chat areas make remote work simpler than ever

Integrations with Slack, Zoom, Teams, SharePoint, and Google Drive let you build upon your current ways of working

Shared calendar views offer instant visibility for high-profile activities and team assignments

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Turn project setup into a turnkey operation with template tasks and lists for consistent project delivery

Processes are easily customized to meet the needs of diverse project types and teams

Say goodbye to status reports using common fields across projects for instant reportability across your entire portfolio

Using "Me Mode" and the Everything View make it simple to track your work and your team's, no matter where it resides

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Using ClickUp forms, standardize your teams' project and request submissions and consolidate responses in one location

Automatically route users' form responses to the appropriate team or department based on their input

Leverage task templates in automations to load tailored process steps only when a project requires it

Set automatic comment reminders when information is missing to ensure no project falls through the cracks

Oil Change International Overview

Oil Change International (OCI) is a research, communications, and advocacy nonprofit with international teams working to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. OCI provides policy analysis, supplemental research, and communications support to assist leaders in government and NGOs in their clean energy campaigns and counter the influence of fossil fuel industrial lobbying.

As demand increased for OCI’s policy analysis expertise on the global stage, leadership recognized the need for standardized delivery processes, central communications tools, and a scalable software solution to manage its operations. They chose ClickUp for its reputation and versatility, and connected with Tuck Consulting Group, Clickup’s leading nonprofit implementation partner.


Environmental Nonprofit



Use Case

Communications Processes

Research Project Planning


3 Months

The Challenge

Oil Change International needed to streamline its research project processes while preserving the autonomy of teams working across the globe. Various project requirements and preferred styles of working meant versatility was critical. At the same time, they needed to provide greater oversight to leadership, both of active and historical activities, without overloading staff.

Enter ClickUp. Using time-saving automations, custom-built templates, and integrations with well-worn tools like Google Suite. Tuck and OCI built standard, repeatable frameworks to track every aspect of a research project from kickoff to publication. This allowed every team to initiate work easily, building off the same foundation, and refine it to their particular needs. Team members can combine the familiarity of Google Docs for editing large research drafts with the advanced functionality of ClickUp Docs — features like automatically linking and assigning project tasks from within a document, sending in-app notifications to users and teams, and AI-generated summaries with ClickUp Brain. Likewise, the Communications team can manage their own work streams independently, accept requests from research project teams, and provide real-time visibility back without anyone needing to ask, “Is it done yet?”

With ClickUp’s hierarchical approach to project and process management, leadership can survey the field anytime to pull budget or progress information, past work examples, and analyze user activity to see who needs support. Whether in dashboards or top-down views, the metrics they need to know most are only a few clicks away, every time. And best of all, because task and project information is readily accessible, no one needs to read another status report or book a meeting to know what’s happening, when, and with which initiatives.

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