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Whether you’re building a mobile native or web-based app, our consultants can manage the product development process from initial market research all the way through marketplace launch. Our project and product managers work hand-in-hand with engineers, UX designers, and business leads to make sure that your vision gets translated into a functional, attractive, and scalable product that will delight users.

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Why Choose Tuck?

When you choose Tuck to manage your digital product portfolio, you can focus on the big picture – building great apps that capture the user’s eyes and keep them engaged. By leveraging a Tuck product manager, you can:

Work with project managers that have helped digital product companies scale quickly by staying organized and managing company-wide priorities

Ideate faster through with 1-on-1 coaching and brainstorming sessions

Access specialized engineering talent through Tuck's trusted partners network

Focus on getting to the MVP while Tuck plans individual sprints

Devote more budget for engineering and design resources since Tuck product managers are 100% US-based, remote, and fractional.

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Green Project Management: 5 Tips to Eliminate Waste

Green Project Management: 5 Tips to Eliminate Waste

Tuck is a consulting firm focused on project management; of course we’re going to apply project management principles to address this problem – specifically, lean project management. Lean project management originated from the Toyota Production System, a concept developed at the carmaker between 1948 and 1975 to maximize value while minimizing waste (of effort, materials, money, and time).

For Tuck consultants and clients, waste comes in the form of misallocated effort and time. The way we check our email, manage documents, and even how we run our workstations have an impact on the environment.

Here are five strategies for minimizing such waste.

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