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The Tuck Difference

ClickUp Consulting for Small Businesses

Tuck is a verified ClickUp Ruby Partner, meaning we are part of an exclusive group licesned to provide ClickUp-branded professional services. When you engage Tuck, you’re getting experienced project management professionals who passed a rigorous onboarding track and evaluation in front of ClickUp’s leadership team. Here’s how we can help out:

Implement ClickUp from Scratch

Optimize Your Existing ClickUp Environment

Provide Ongoing ClickUp Support

Tuck implements repeatable processes with customized solutions for your small business. We execute a standard ClickUp-approved playbook for ClickUp services, which includes:

Business Discovery & Goalsetting

Business Process Mapping & Redesign

ClickUp Configuration

ClickUp Training (General Users & Administrators)

Post Go-Live Support or Transition to Ongoing Support

Project Management

Tuck ClickUp Consulting Services

ClickUp Implementation Services

Are you considering an investment in ClickUp? Tuck will set up your new environment to suit your team’s needs. Because our ClickUp consultants are project managers at heart, they pride themselves on building environments clients can scale, adapt, and templatize even after the Tuck engagement ends. We aim to empower end users so they can keep meeting business goals without hand-holding from us. A ClickUp implementation engagement with Tuck includes the following services:

Product Demo

Discovery Workshop

New Workflows, Views, & Dashboards

User Training

ClickUp Optimization Services

Tuck ClickUp implementation managers can take your current environment to the next level. When your organization is growing rapidly, our team helps you play catch-up by refining existing automations, building new ones, and modifying workflows. As ClickUp professional services partners, we have an insider perspective on new features, and we get to test out beta features before they go into production. A ClickUp Optimization engagement with Tuck usually involves the following services:

Business Process Mapping

Collaborative Build Sessions

Improved Workflows, Views, & Dashboards

User Adoption Coaching

ClickUp Managed Services

Since our ClickUp implementation managers get to test new features in a proprietary sandbox environment and receive ongoing training from ClickUp’s customer success team, why not let us run your ClickUp environment so you can focus on what you’re good at? We have a team of power users, and outsourcing ClickUp maintenance and development to our experts allows your employees to focus on getting their own work done, both on and off of the platform. For a flat monthly rate, Tuck will ensure that:

Existing Workflows & Automations Remain Operational

User Access is Properly Maintained

Documentation is Relevant

Minor Enhancements Are Delivered

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