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ClickUp Managed Services

Discover your full potential with verified ClickUp experts.

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Tuck is a Ruby Partner of ClickUp

Our ClickUp Managed Services include:

  • Ongoing creation and refinement of highest priority workflows.
  • Creating a shared understanding across all user groups about the value of using a tool like ClickUp for work, task, and project management.
  • Training to increase team tool usage consistently across all departments.
  • Identified champion users to independently modify and create new Workflows or component processes (automations, views, dashboards).

Our Managed Services plans start at $750 per month.


“The project managers are all professional and we’ve had positive experiences working with them.”

— Mike, Tuck Consulting Group Client

ClickUp FAQ for Small Businesses — Will We Really “Save One Day Per Week”?

Can Tuck customize ClickUp workflows for the specific needs of my team?

ClickUp is a platform designed to support multiple industries and allows you to tailor your ClickUp Workspace according to what helps your team do their jobs better. With flexible automation software, our verified ClickUp experts will help you reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. 

Some examples of custom workflows we can create: 

  • Nonprofit Custom Workflows for: volunteer management, fundraising campaigns, resource and budget planning/allocation 
  • IT Services Custom Workflows for: software installations, IT service desk management, software deployment 
  • Healthcare Services Custom Workflows for: on-call schedule creation, patient admission, patient discharge
Can Tuck connect the apps my team uses daily to ClickUp?

Yes. ClickUp integrates with over 1,000 tools including:

  • API
  • Slack
  • Webhooks
  • Hubspot
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Outlook
  • Google Calendar
  • Figma
  • Sentry
  • Zoom
  • And many, many more
If I don’t use Tuck for ClickUp Implementation, can I still purchase Managed Services?

While it’s recommended to use a verified ClickUp expert to set up your Workspace, it is not required. There could be additional implementation opportunities identified while completing our Managed Services, but they are not required.

Can Tuck templatize our processes?

Absolutely! The goal of working with Tuck’s ClickUp experts is to create processes your team can repeat long after working with us.

What roles will my teams be expected to play in ClickUp?

Individual Contributors

Account Managers




How do I track and ensure my team is using ClickUp as they should?

ClickUp has a ton of great features to help you track tool usage, engagement, and resource availability. For instance, as an admin, you can see every Full Member and Guest in your Workspace with some key details including what folders, lists, and tasks they have access to, the last time they logged in, and what permissions they have.

When ClickUp has new releases, will my team need to be re-trained?

ClickUp has a tremendous free learning space where you can get certified and learn about all of the new features. While ClickUp is intuitive, we can provide you with a training as part of our managed services package if a major update comes out that you want to highlight for your teams.

What is the minimum commitment for managed services with Tuck?

Our standard managed services contract is a one year commitment. Consideration will be made for organizations that express interest in a shorter period.