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Helping a United Way Align All Departments and Standardize Service Delivery with ClickUp

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Real Impact

United Way employees re-engaged

Maximizing ClickUp Usage

Led multiple departments through business process redesign and ClickUp buildout to increase usage and adoption

Provided targeted ClickUp training to maximize the value of the nonprofit's ClickUp investment

Everyone's voice was heard and incorporated into the new workflows

The entire company got a 360 degree view of all integrated work that related to their jobs

Automations designed and developed

Manual Tasks Eliminated

Evaluated and mapped the organization's key business processes and automated as many of the processes as possible

Reduced the risk of manual errors and omissions by building the processes in ClickUp and automating them

Saved the organization hundreds of hours per year by automating processes that were previously done by individuals

Created customized numbering systems and workflows to support the organization's processes

Customized process templates

Days of Time Saved

Documented and standardized the service delivery processes for the organization

Created standard templates for the most important processes in the organization

Reduced the time it takes to execute repeatable tasks for the most impactful workflows

Reduced the variability between similar tasks and service delivery by standardizing processes

Martin asked wonderful questions throughout the process that helped everyone involved consider gaps and possible paths forward. This thorough review on the front end clarified everything before taking it to the leadership team, so it was easy to explain why each of the steps were outlined in a specific way.

Torrie Boggs

Senior Director of Community Engagement, United Way of Greater Knoxville

United Way of Greater Knoxville Overview

United Way of Greater Knoxville (UWGK) is part of United Way Worldwide, the largest charitable organization in the world. Through more than 170 programs with 75 agencies, UWGK is an innovative problem-solver and facilitator of social change. Dedicated to creating a more equitable Greater Knoxville region with stable housing, financial security, quality early care and education, access to food, economic mobility, and more, UWGK has implemented a modern United Way model that goes beyond just being a nonprofit funder. For more information, visit https://uwgk.org/





Use Cases

Project Management
Grant Making & Evaluation
Direct Services
Nonprofit Marketing


9 months with ongoing support

The Challenge

UWGK is unlike most other United Ways. In addition to grantmaking for other nonprofits, UWGK took on a modern model that also includes program development and direct service delivery. The organization worked in many disparate systems and did not have a standard way of managing projects and operations. While they were using ClickUp in certain departments, they weren’t using it consistently and to its fullest potential. They hired Tuck to build out the workflows in ClickUp for their grant making, data collection, and marketing use cases.

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