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How ClickUp Improved Project Delivery and Communications at a Healthcare Workforce Nonprofit

Real Results

ClickUp Champions Onboarded

Increased Efficiency and Visibility with a Single Source-of-Truth

One space for project communications and oversight means fewer status reports and more quicker coordination

Discuss any project right within ClickUp, internally or with clients, without sacrificing privacy

Custom views allow users to tailor ClickUp to their preferred way-of-working

Programs Launched & Managed

Simplified Program Oversight and Reporting

Centralizing project details in ClickUp allows for instant visibility to all teams and leadership with rollup fields and dashboards

Leveraging ClickUp's project and task templates, teams can quickly launch new initiatives prebuilt for their program and reporting needs

Portfolio-wide views and filters give instant insight into metrics across programs, with no extra effort

New SOPs Documented

Document and Execute Work from Within ClickUp

ClickUp Docs are perfect for managing SOPs and process documentation right where the work gets done

Teams can easily link Docs to live projects and tasks, embed external media, and tag team members right in the text

Create a new task from any Doc or Whiteboard text with a click, turning brainstorm sessions into turnkey action plans

It’s been a pleasure working with Tuck. I’m impressed with the continued feature releases from ClickUp and look forward to incorporating more of them in the future to help Futuro Health save time and streamline our workflows.

Michelle Morton, PMP

Project Manager, Futuro Health

Futuro Health Overview

Futuro Health provides allied health education and skills training to help address the critical demand for new healthcare workers in California. Its new education-to-work model offers career exploration and coaching, education financing, and helps determine the best pathway toward a healthcare credential or license. Futuro then supports new trainees to transition into high-demand allied healthcare jobs while providing businesses with a high-quality workforce. While currently operating only in California, Futuro plans to scale its efforts nationwide, and needs scalable technology solutions to match.





Use Case

Program/Project  Management


12 Weeks

The Challenge

Driving their search for productivity tools, Futuro Health identified common pain points in their operations that ClickUp was built to solve. They agreed too much of their time and meetings were spent reviewing work and backlogs, that tasks were not thoroughly planned or promptly executed, and that their approval process was inefficient. They needed to standardize their processes without hamstringing their teams’ autonomy, and document everything in one central location.

Through the use of process templates and SOP documents stored right inside their ClickUp environment, Tuck and Futuro collaborated to build repeatable workflows, while streamlining internal communications. Positioning ClickUp as the primary source-of-truth for project information gave teams visibility into each other’s timelines and capacity. Creating whiteboards and documentation in ClickUp lets Futuro leverage powerful features like converting any text directly into a new task, AI summaries, and rich text formatting. With communication tools and robust process documentation readily accessible right where they manage their projects, task-switching is a thing of the past.

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