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332% Growth in Race Attendance Post-Covid Using ClickUp 

Real Impact


Racer growth from 2021 to 2023

Return to Pre-Pandemic Numbers

Earlier launch of marketing efforts increased racer sign-up

Better and more frequent communication increased referrals from participants

Better organization in 2022 increased participant reengagement and referrals

Ongoing project oversight allowed for increased volunteer engagement and better racer experience

Volunteer hours saved using ClickUp

Automations & Templates Saved Days

Created templates to manage the nine month management of the race activities

ClickUp provided 360 degree visibility of task assignments for all team members

Leveraged the tool to run monthly planning meetings

Provided project management oversight for the entire race from planning to post-race closeout


2-year revenue growth

Increased Racers, Donors, and Sponsors

With additional volunteer hours saved, more time could be spent fundraising and getting sponsorships

The templatization of the playbook allowed the organization to get started months earlier to get new participants, donors, and sponsors

ClickUp tasks served as reminders for outreach, thanking donors, and executing revenue generating activities

It’s so great to finally be organized for the Brain Freezer 5K. Things are running like clockwork, and we have so much more time to focus on getting racers, donors, and sponsors!

Isabel Tuck

Founder & Executive Director, People Helping People Global

Brain Freezer 5K x PHPG Overview

The Brain Freezer 5K is an annual race that the organization People Helping People Global (PHPG) hosts in downtown Burlington. Racers compete to run a 5K and eat a pint of ice cream in the fastest time. The event has taken place since 2012 and has been featured in Runner’s World and the New York Times. PHPG is a microlending nonprofit that helps people living on less than $2US per day. PHPG has been a pro bono client of Tuck since the program launched in 2020.


Financial Services


7 volunteer leaders
30+ volunteers

Use Cases

Implementation Project Management


9 months
(recurring annually)

The Challenge

Like many races, the organization had to shut down the race for the first couple of years of the pandemic, but the race represented the largest single source of funds for PHPG each year. That’s where Tuck was able to step in to help roll out ClickUp and project manage the entire effort to bring the race back. Tuck created a template that can be reused every year with the key activities, and it manages all of the volunteers to hold the event for each nine month cycle. 

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