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Implementing Cures Functionality Presents an Opportunity to Improve Health Outcomes While Advancing Health Literacy

The 21st Century Cures Act is forcing the healthcare industry to make sharing health information easier. The end goal is to pave the way for better patient outcomes. While this is a great start, The 21st Century Cares Act leaves something on the table.

Health information is notoriously complex, and many Americans struggle to interpret the information that they are presented with after a visit to a healthcare provider. This is no surprise given the fact that the average American reads on a 7th or 8th grade level. For the 14% of American adults who read below the average level there are likely additional social determinants that put them at increased need to receive care. When confronted with complex health information these populations are especially vulnerable.

Instead of causing confusion and frustration, what if we shared information with our patients that educated and empowered them? The 21st Century Cures Act is the perfect opportunity to turn perplexing health information into learning opportunities that truly puts patients at the center of their care. We can give patients a better grasp of informed consent through self-guided education that is facilitated by how you share their health information. Care plans, test results and appointment summaries don’t have to be cryptic and confusing data aggregates that cater to medical professionals. They can and should provide clear explanations, embedded information and related topics that patients can remain informed while reducing the number of calls or visits to understand the information presented by providers.

The skilled Product and Project Managers at Tuck Consulting Group can help you develop and test materials that are available to your patients. We can help you become an organization that provides cost effective care while growing your organization as one that advances health literacy.

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