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Key Advantages to Remote Project Management

Tuck Consulting Group (TCG) delivers Project Management as a Service (PMaaS). That means we focus on doing one thing well: Project Management. PMaaS pairs our extensive network of project management experts with a growing base of technology, healthcare tech, and non-profit clients. Our project managers were working from home offices long before the 2020 pandemic began. Now that so many organizations have embraced the remote workforce, we’re excited to watch our clients embrace remote project management consulting. When an organization outsources the project management function, it can focus on actually executing the projects and initiatives that support its mission. We see PMaaS as the solution to many problems that startups and stagnant companies do not know they have.

Deep Skill Lineup – Sourcing our nationwide consultant network allows us to curate the exact skillset for a client’s project and stay within their time and budget constraints. Remote consulting frees our clients from geographic constraints. We can assemble a team of consultants with niche skills not readily available near our clients’ headquarters and successfully run their projects. Tapping into the resumes and work experience of more than 60 consultants gives us the ability to source top talent and achieve desired results much faster than a traditional talent-sourcing model.

Precise Team Buildouts – Since they do not have to commute or tie themselves to a single employer, many TCG consultants take on projects that require varying time commitments during the project cycle. By doing this, we can provide you with top-tier experts for only the amount of time needed to complete their portion of an engagement. While clients are not taking on the overhead of a fully staffed project management office (PMO), you are still getting high-quality results. Our PMaaS solution is helping our customers achieve higher success ratings.

Consistent Additions to Support Client Relationship & Growth – Our PMaaS clients begin their relationship with TCG in several ways. One of the most common is project-to-project contracting, which evolves into an ongoing relationship that allows us to establish their PMO moving forward. This model allows for us to build trust and test culture fit with the consultants we put on the projects. Then, as our clients grow, we grow with them. We can build the team needed for one project success and potentially another – while staying flexible and responsive to the your needs. By keeping our workforce remote, we can continually source and recruit new talent to fulfill various stages of project management needs.

Extended Network Sourcing – Working with TCG provides not only access to our expert consultants but to their own professional networks as well. We want to create an environment that encourages high-quality work on behalf of clients with whom we enjoy working. And we want our consultants to enjoy what they do, too. When we align your project with the project management professionals best suited for it, we recognize new efficiencies and decrease your expenses.

TCG-Led PMO – All these benefits come when working with TCG within our PMaaS structure. Let us know about your project needs and company goals – we can help you get there.

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