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Microsoft Ignite: A New Wave of Digital Transformation

Last week was the Ignite digital event experience, Microsoft’s annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners. In his opening speech, CEO Satya Nadella pronounced 2020 as the “second wave of digital transformation in all industries”, due to the increased need for technology and virtualization in the wake of the pandemic. For me, this statement defined how I responded to the rest of the event, and nurtured my primary reflection: for businesses to keep up, differentiate themselves, and grow in this hyper-evolving era, delightful customer experiences powered by modern technology are essential.

This reflection resonates strongly for our clients at TCG, small- and medium-sized businesses across various industries including high-tech, healthcare, and start-ups, but digital transformation is often viewed as daunting. Challenges like time/resource constraints and complex processes delay our clients from modernizing their technology. As a result, growth is inhibited because systems cannot keep up, report creation is difficult and time consuming, and software/hardware is legacy or outdated.

To eliminate these barriers, TCG’s deep experience delivering transformation projects is crucial. Our team has distinct skills managing internal digitization and/or product implementation projects that empower our clients to use technology as a proactive tool, often enabled by artificial intelligence, to provide support before an action is necessary. Keeping in-tune with Microsoft Ignite, we are specifically skilled at delivering implementation projects for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, a low-/no-code solution that “enables anyone, regardless of technical ability, to build apps and automate cumbersome processes.” Aligned with Satya’s statement, this solution was built with a new wave of transformation in mind and enables our clients to thrive in a highly digitized world – We love helping them get there.

If you are a small- or medium- sized business who is struggling to modernize your technology, book a meeting to discuss digital transformation project support.

To learn more about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, see the following Ignite sessions:

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