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“No-win problem solving” with Health-Ade Cofounder and CEO

In response to an article posted on Entrepreneur.com in relation to ‘Biggest Lesson Helping Survive 2020’, Daina Trout, Founder and CEO of Health-Ade, addressed the common roadblock of ‘no-win’ problems. Thinking more as one logical decision at a time as opposed to the importance of ‘the right decision’, which in some instances could be subject to interpretation.

Many consultants and companies we have worked with have made claim to being agile, then ask for a roadmap to lay out the next two years of tasks, dependencies, dates, and criteria to be considered a successful project plan. This is the very definition of something completely different.

Make the best decision with the information you have at the time. There is no way of knowing anything you don’t already know, at this point. Decisions push the project and/or organization forward and into new areas that will provide their own next stage obstacles and hurdles to overcome. The only way to eventually move forward is to simply start moving, learn, and adapt the plans you make along the way. Create an Agile, always learning, and adjusting mindset.

This takes things a different way slightly, but how about: Thoughtful planning is an important step to successful projects and careers, but you can’t let it paralyze you from starting work and learning from the outcomes. The key is to strike the balance between gathering enough information on the front-end and gaining knowledge through experiences along the way.

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