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Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) Defined


What is PMaaS?
Project Management as a Service (often shortened to PMaaS) is an adaptable consulting service model that allows your company to access highly skilled project management (PM) professionals on demand with the exact skills necessary for a particular project or program. PMaaS enables you to scale the number of PM consultants up or down to fit their skill set, budget, and timeline requirements.

TCG PMaaS offering:
The Tuck Consulting Group PMaaS offering allows small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to focus on their expertise, while relying on Tuck to run its projects with experts who have executed similar projects in the past. It is a customer-centric approach where the focus is on helping you get the most value out of every project investment. We are your PM professionals that can stand up a PMO, take on pre-planned projects, or redirect ones that have gotten off course. We offer project managers, program managers, product managers, product owners, scrum masters, change management professionals, and management consultants with portfolios of vetted experience. Each of our consultants is subject to a thorough onboarding process with multiple interviews and reference checks – we only work with the best.

What does PMaaS mean to you as a client?
If you are an SMB looking to grow, but not wanting the overhead of carrying PMs on staff, we can help. If you have a complex implementation that none of your PMs have ever done before, we can help there too. If you want to take the leap to stand up a PMO function in your organization, we can help there too.

Tuck Consulting Group is a management consulting firm focused specifically on doing one thing very well: project management. We have a network of very highly specialized consultants with varying fields of expertise that we can source to fill your needs. Each project is staffed with a dedicated PM, Tuck leadership, and a team of 60+ consultants who can be called on for any specific need. Working with us grants your company access to our entire network of professionals and the opportunity to scale accordingly.

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