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Meet Andrew Guidarelli.

Andrew Guidarelli (he/him/his), Manager of Strategy & Partnerships at Tuck Consulting Group. He joined forces with the cutting edge firm in March 2021. Andrew got his B.A. in History at the University of Virginia with a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Statistics from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Working remotely from Richmond, Virginia, Andrew is focused on the client experience day in and day out. His job is to make sure Tuck’s clients succeed. He does this through building relationships with key vendors, teammates and deep diving into each unique client.

Outside of work you can find Andrew paddleboarding or kayaking, working on a home improvement project, reading history (he loves it so much he got a degree in it!) and traveling. Ask him about his adventures in Spain and Portugal. (Or, if you’re feeling bold — ask Andrew how to shop local. As a recovering online shopping addict, he’s dedicated to participating in buying local as much as possible).

A photo of Andrew Guidarelli, Tuck consultant.