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Scaling a Diabetes Management Product from 0 to 1 in 9 months

Real Impact

Months from concept to delivery

Product 0 to 1 < a year

Advised client on dev vendor selection

Managed the launch of iOS, Android, Web, and Salesforce integrated apps

Executed quality assurance and managed user acceptance testing

Ongoing project oversight of product enhancements and defect remediation

HITRUST control objectives achieved

HITRUST achieved < a year

Managed security vendor leading HITRUST effort

Led the project to an outcome of Diathrive achieving HITRUST in under a year

Drafted policies and facilitated meetings in partnership with security vendor

Led procurement and configuration of the necessary security tools

Experts deployed

Right people for the job

Management consulting, quality assurance, testing automation, project management, and product management were delivered by Tuck

A fraction of the total cost of hiring someone full-time for each skill set

Senior- and junior-level consultants were brought in based on need

Consultants with tool expertise could come and leave as needed

Tuck Consulting Group helped us deliver all of our projects on time and were very responsive to our strategy and our needs…They’re a great company with great people.

Chris Tucker

Chief Technology Officer, Diathrive Health

Diathrive Health Overview

Diathrive Health is a healthtech startup providing clients with “an immersive, personalized approach to holistic diabetes management with realistic plans, high quality low cost supplies, and an approach that proactively works to counteract the barriers that get in the way of your success.” They hired Tuck to expand from direct-to-consumer to business-to-business services. This included the build-out of a new mobile app (iOS + Android), web app, and Salesforce customization. Their services also include the supply of glucose monitors, testing supplies, and health coaching.





Use Cases

Product Development
Project Management
IT Consulting


1 year with ongoing support

The Challenge

Diathrive Health became a large player in the direct-to-consumer market for diabetes testing and management. They wanted to test how their affordable testing supplies could translate into significant savings for self-insured businesses and other groups interested in improving employee health and reducing diabetes management spend. Since they were testing a new concept, Diathrive did not want to invest in hiring full-time project managers, product managers, quality assurance testers, marketing experts, and IT managers, so they reached out to Tuck to fill all of those roles. Tuck was able to bring expertise in within days of the request with industry experience and the flexibility of supplying only what was needed for Diathrive when they needed it.

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