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5x Capacity and $750,000 Cost Savings: Project Management Case Study

Real Results

Increased Project Capacity

Flexible Project Managers Ready to Scale with You

Kinetix utilized seven Tuck project managers at varying rates for less than the cost of one full-time salary

A higher headcount and extra capacity allowed Kinetix to expand its project portfolios seamlessly as sales grew – without a longterm commitment

Kinetix was able to increase its hours investment, add staff, and shift responsibilities with less HR overhead

$ Saved Over Three Years¹

On-Demand Experts Let You Spend Less on PM Talent

Tuck's consultants provided Kinetix with a more resilient and scalable team at significant savings

On-demand project managers ensured Kinetix's talent spend was dictated by workloads, avoiding the cost of excess capacity

More PM resources afforded Kinetix the freedom to accelerate project kickoffs, adjust assignments, and prioritize work more responsively


Lower Onboarding Costs

Onboard Smarter and Hit the Ground Running

Leveraging Tuck's fractional PMs, Kinetix ramped up its service delivery efficiently and at a lower cost-per-hire

Flexible start dates and self-guided training let Kinetix staff focus on its day-to-day operations, not getting new hires up to speed

Tuck's consultants onboarded new team members as its footprint expanded, while documenting processes for Kinetix to reference

Tuck provides professional candidates and their management team provides a safety net when PMs are unexpectedly unavailable or indisposed. We’ve come to rely on Tuck to be there for us when we need them to handle variable project management workloads that ebb and flow according to client needs and the economy.

Mike Gilmore

VP of Security & Client Strategy, Kinetix

Kinetix Technologies Overview

Kinetix Technologies is a leading IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the Bay Area with regional footprints in New York City, Chicago, and Texas. Specializing in IT strategy for startups and high-growth clients, Kinetix provides custom IT, office technology, and cybersecurity solutions for hundreds of partners in industries ranging from biotechnology to digital media to finance. Kinetix engaged Tuck for rapid staff augmentation and to maintain their high standard of client service during a period of robust growth. After experiencing the benefits of project management consulting, including cost savings and flexibility, Tuck became a trusted partner and a lasting presence on the team.


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Use Cases

Project Management +
IT Staff Augmentation


3 Years

The Challenge

As a managed service provider for exponentially-growing clients, sourcing talent is tough enough. Kinetix needed a partner to provide the benefits of skilled project management talent without the headaches of global outsourcing, and at a price point well below Bay Area averages. Tuck initially provided one senior project manager, then soon expanded to a team of five to lead multiple key projects and initiatives. When Kinetix’s internal resources and clients’ needs shifted, Tuck provided coverage, filled gaps, and transitioned resources to match business needs. Further, with Tuck’s emphasis on core project management soft skills – organization, ownership, relationship-building, communication – Kinetix realized better client outcomes compared to previous, technically-focused PMs. Thanks to Tuck’s expert project management consultants, Kinetix was equipped to scale when its sales grew and retain staff and capacity during market contractions, all while saving $750,000 over three years vs. the cost of equivalent local salaries.¹

¹Based on Bay Area average salaries of $135,000 to $142,000 annually for IT Project Managers across all years of experience. Sources: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/san-francisco-it-project-manager-salary-SRCH_IL.0,13_IM759_KO14,32.htm / https://www.indeed.com/career/it-project-manager/salaries/San-Francisco–CA

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