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Rolling out ModMed EMR in 7 months for 5 Location Orthopedic Practice

Real Impact

Months to an operational EMR

ModMed active in < a year

Developed & managed the project plan involving 5 locations and 10+ vendors

ModMed team remarked that it was one of the most successful implementations they had experienced

Managed the entire technical build, configuration, integration, and data migration from end-to-end

Provided hypercare, onsite support during go-live to ensure successful cutover


Provider satisfaction

Nearly perfect adoption

Nearly all of the providers responded positively to the new system from Day 1

Preparations were made months in advance to anticipate the impact to the business

The new system offered many features not available in the previous system with better integrations with vendors

Engaged providers and support staff throughout the process to ensure adoption

Providers onboarded & trained

Change management win

In partnership with ModMed, all providers and support staff were trained on the platform and its supporting systems

Led the administrative activities, data loads, and configuration activities that served partially as a training exercise

Ensured that communications were made well in advance of each activity so that providers and support staff were able to make time to learn and prepare

Led training on supporting systems and the support of the integrations with each of those systems

Wanted to thank you for your continued vigilance with ModMed. I feel like we’re finally gaining some real traction and people are responding to our deadlines. 

Tim Kephart, MHA, PMP

Strategic Programs & Development, M2 Orthopedics

M2 Orthopedics Overview

M2 Orthopedics is modernizing practice management for the nation’s best orthopedic practices and surgeons so they can focus on patient care. By combining expertise in orthopedics with a unique focus on long-term physician partnerships, M2O supports private practices through enhanced management capabilities and access to capital – empowering practices to sustain their independence and grow. M2O enables physicians to prioritize exceptional care and experiences, so everyone has better outcomes – patients win, practices succeed and ultimately, the broader orthopedic field thrives. For more information, visit http://www.m2orthopartners.com.





Use Cases

Healthcare IT
EMR Implementation
Project Management


9 months with ongoing support

The Challenge

M2 Orthopedics needed to help their biggest practice, Anderson Clinic, migrate to a modern EMR that would integrate well with the other practices that it helps manage. They chose ModMed because of its unique capabilities geared towards orthopedic practices. They needed to get it done quickly, but they didn’t have the internal project management capacity to drive the work the way they needed. Leadership at M2O reached out to Tuck to see if we had an expert at EMR implementations. We were able to get one of our expert consultants, Angela, onboarded right away, and she was able to drive the project to successful completion in less than seven months. The ModMed team remarked that it was one of the most successful implementations that they had ever experienced in partnering with M2O, Anderson, and Tuck.

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