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Premium project and product management consulting at non-premium rates.

What’s at Stake

Accelerate Ambition with TCG

Chances are your goals know no limits. Here’s how management services power your strategies:

Scaling with the right processes and organization

Creating expert workflows for a new product

Onboarding new technology with deep experience

Growing new departments with excellent people

Transitioning process methods, seamlessly

 How We Plug In

Targeted Project Management

Whether it’s optimizing tedious IT workflows, running meetings with your partners, getting a drug to market, or reimagining your whole internal approach, we seamlessly blend with of your team without the traditional overhead.

We take customer engagements and communications off your plate

We bring fresh eyes to your processes

We use decades of industry experience to hit the ground running in pharma, IT, digital product management, and more

We fill out your team without hiring or budget concerns


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Green-light Projects That Aren’t in the Red

TCG Consulting costs less than hiring and retaining, and expands your horizons in record time. Talk to us today.

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Green Project Management: 5 Tips to Eliminate Waste

Green Project Management: 5 Tips to Eliminate Waste

Tuck is a consulting firm focused on project management; of course we’re going to apply project management principles to address this problem – specifically, lean project management. Lean project management originated from the Toyota Production System, a concept developed at the carmaker between 1948 and 1975 to maximize value while minimizing waste (of effort, materials, money, and time).

For Tuck consultants and clients, waste comes in the form of misallocated effort and time. The way we check our email, manage documents, and even how we run our workstations have an impact on the environment.

Here are five strategies for minimizing such waste.

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